Bon Bon Flavors

*Allergen Info Below*

Black Currant Licorice

White chocolate shell, black currant compote, white licorice ganache.  Allergens: dairy (gluten and nut free)

Speculoos Cookie Butter

Dark chocolate shell, speculoos cookie butter, cookie crust. Allergens: dairy (nut & gluten free)

Apple Cider Caramel

Milk chocolate shell, apple cider caramel.  Allergens: dairy (gluten and nut free)


Dark chocolate shell, espresso compote, amaretto ganache, lady fingers crust. Allergens: dairy, gluten (Nut Free)

Maraschino Cherry

Dark chocolate shell, maraschino ganache.  Allergens: dairy (nut & gluten free)

Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake

Milk chocolate shell, spiced pumpkin cheesecake ganache, graham cracker crust.  Allergens: dairy, gluten (nut free)

Salted Caramel

Dark chocolate shell, salted caramel ganache. Allergens: dairy (gluten and nut free)


Dark chocolate shell, raspberry compote, dark chocolate ganache. Allergens: dairy (gluten and nut free)

Peanut Butter Crunch

Milk chocolate shell, peanut butter praline, caramelized puffed rice. Allergens: Nuts-peanut, gluten, (dairy free)

Orange Almond

Dark chocolate shell, orange compote, almond-duja.  Allergens: nuts-almonds (dairy & gluten free)

Pecan Praline

Milk chocolate shell, maple caramel, pecan-duja.  Allergens: dairy, nuts-pecans (gluten free)

Hazelnut Gianduja

Dark chocolate shell, hazelnut praline & caramelized hazelnut nibs. Allergens: nuts-hazelnuts (dairy & gluten free)


Dark chocolate shell, coconut cream ganache, puffed rice crust. Allergens: dairy and nuts-coconut, gluten

Blackberry Banana

White chocolate shell, blackberry compote, banana ganache.  Allergens: dairy (gluten and nut free)

Dark Chocolate Cookie

Dark chocolate shell, dark mint ganache, cookie crust.  Allergens: dairy, gluten (nut free)


Dark chocolate shell, espresso ganache, crunchy cacao nibs. Allergens: dairy (gluten and nut free)

*Allergen Information*

Most pieces contain dairy. When free of tree nuts, peanuts, gluten & gelatin it is noted above. We use one kitchen to produce all of our products, so all products are at risk of containing cross-contamination for nuts, soy, milk, egg, gelatin, and gluten. We make every effort to sanitize all kitchen equipment, tables, and food stations. However, if you have a severe or life-threatening allergy we recommend not purchasing our products. We would rather lose a sale than make a customer sick. Please refer to our flavor page to see detailed allergen product information.